4 Benefits Of Keeping A Water Cooler In The Office


You always hear about office workers chatting around the water cooler. It's a key plot of many sitcoms and jokes! However, many offices these days have moved away from water coolers and instead only have coffee pots for their workers to congregate around. There's nothing wrong with a coffee pot, but there are a few reasons to bring back the water cooler. Here's a look.

1. The cooler may help employees drink less coffee.

When your employees need a momentary break, or they want to visit with friends, they probably head to the coffee pot. However, many of them probably want to drink less coffee. That's hard to do when the coffee maker is the only means of social interaction or retreat from their work. With a water cooler, your workers will have a healthier alternative to coffee. You'll be helping some of them to meet their healthy living goals, and healthy employees are a good thing!

2. You may find fewer water bottles around.

Without a water cooler, employees who want to drink water throughout the day may bring their water in plastic bottles. These plastic bottles can end up scattered all over the office, making a mess. Not to mention -- all of that plastic waste is bad for the environment. With a water cooler on-site, everyone can have a glass or mug at their workstation, and they can fill it up as needed, not creating any waste or mess.

3. You'll save money on coffee and other beverages.

Supplying water for your employees is cheap! If it allows you to do away with buying coffee or other bottled beverages for your employees, you will save money. A water cooler is a simple perk, but it is still a perk that boosts employee morale and shows you care -- albeit for a lot less.

4. You won't have to refill it.

There are water delivery services that will pick up your water tank, and then deliver a new, full one every week or as often as you go through coffee. So, you never have to go through the hassle of trying to empty and fill a water tank. This company will also clean and maintain the water dispenser, so your janitorial staff does not have to.

Adding a water cooler to your office is a very good idea. It's not just something you see in movies and on TV! For more information, contact your local bulk water delivery company.


30 August 2018

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