What You Need To Know About The Most Popular Regional Barbecue Styles

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Eating delicious barbecue during cookouts on warm days is a cherished American tradition that many associate with carefree days surrounded by friends and family. The cuisine, featuring smoked meat seasoned with spices and sauce, is a staple of all types of gatherings, from company outings to wedding receptions. If you want to have a catered BBQ-themed gathering but have never cooked this type of smoked meat yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of barbecue so you can make sure you get exactly what you want for your event. The following guide can serve as your BBQ primer when you talk to a catering company. Texas-style Brisket Barbecue As the nation’s top cattle-producing state for beef, Texas has a thriving barbecue scene. Connoisseurs enjoy prime beef brisket from young, well-fed cattle. Texas barbecue may look black when it comes out of the smoker oven, but the meat is actually very tender and juicy with a delicious smoky taste. The ends of the meat slices will be charred yet delicious and the interior perfectly moist. Chefs treat the brisket with a spicy salt rub. Depending on your preference, you can eat the meat as is or have the caterer add a light tomato-based sauce. Popular sides with Texas barbecue include pinto beans, corn bread and potato salad. Kansas City and St. Louis Style Ribs and Pulled Pork Missouri is another famous hub of barbecue. If you want to wow your guests with ribs and pulled pork, ask your caterer to provide you barbecue that is popular in the “Show Me State.” Missouri-style barbecue ribs and pulled pork are slow-cooked. You can choose from beef or baby back pork ribs with meat that will fall off the bone. Cooks prepare pulled pork barbecue in a slow cooker on low heat for several hours, a task that takes a lot of patience. The sauce used in this region for the ribs and pulled pork is distinctive as it features vinegar, tomatoes and brown sugar among other ingredients added at the discretion of the chef. But the vinegary taste is a main characteristic of Missouri-style barbecue. Do not forget to ask for loaves of white bread for your Missouri style barbecue. White bread is a staple with the smoked meat in the state. Alabama White Sauce Barbecue Alabama-style barbecue stands out because of its distinctive sauce. Chefs use a white sauce that is slathered over barbecue beef ribs and pork shoulder. Barbecue chicken is also popular in Alabama. The ingredient that gives Alabama barbecue sauce its color is mayonnaise. Other common ingredients mixed with the mayonnaise include black pepper, cayenne pepper, salt, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. You can also have the white sauce prepared by your caterer to use as a dipping sauce for sides. Carolina Style Barbecue If your favorite type of barbecue is shredded or chopped meat that is great...

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4 Unique Cooking Baskets For Restaurant Deep Fryers

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Running a restaurant with a deep fryer can offer all types of recipes and meal ideas. While many restaurants typically use a large mesh basket to cook items, there are many accessories and upgrades that can be added to your fryer. By implementing unique baskets, you can improve flavors, reduce cooking times, and expand your menu. The following four Frymaster parts are ideal upgrades for your restaurant. Portion Control Pasta Basket If you’re using a Frymaster or other device to cook pasta, you can have a little more control with a pasta control basket. Instead of cooking one big batch of spaghetti and then moving on to the next type of pasta, portion control baskets help you deliver smaller portions and fresher pasta that comes closer to the time of ordering. The portion control basket can hang off of a large pasta basket, allowing you to multitask. For example, you can boil a large portion of fettuccine in the big part of the basket while a small portion of elbows are cooking on the side. This can help with the organization and control of your kitchen. More than one basket can be used at the same time. Typically, six baskets can fit into one standard basket, expanding all of your pasta options. Cone Rack Whether you’re making desserts or unique meals, a cone rack can help you shape dough for a variety of menu options. With a cone shape that can easily hang over a regular frying basket, you have the ability to maintain the shape and uniform style any time you create a cone-shaped menu item. Examples of items you can make with this rack includes stuff fried dough or a dinner recipe like pizza cones. After the dough is fried, the cone can be stuffed with pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings to create a great dining experience. If your restaurant serves breakfast, then a cone fryer can be used for items like French toast and waffles. A waffle cone breakfast can be composed of whipped cream, fruit, and other fresh toppings. Crumb Baskets & Sediment Trays Help protect the flavors of your foods and keep fryers clean by ordering crumb baskets or sediment trays. A crumb basket or sediment tray is placed directly underneath your typical fryer basket. It can help catch any pieces that have fallen off the initial basket. This is ideal for busy restaurants that cook multiple foods in the same fryer. For example, if you make a batch of onion rings, you do not want pieces of fried onion getting mixed up with a future batch of fried chicken or fries. The crumb baskets should be emptied out between each type of food that you cook. Not only will this help keep items clean, but it can help when you have to clean out the fryer and change oils. Fish Plate Basket Frying...

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