How To Build A Successful Date-Night Restaurant


Working with different types of clientele is always fun in the restaurant business. Knowing the type of patrons you attract is a good start if you want to tailor your entire restaurant to them and become the talk of the town. Date-night diners are a popular group to focus on because of their reasonably high amount of spending and their lower maintenance, as compared to other demographics (such as families with kids). If you want to attract date-goers to your restaurant, here are some starting points.

Have the Right Ambiance

The first thing to revisit will be the decor and lighting. Comfortable and casual spots attract date night couples. The lighting should be lower to provide a bit of mystery for daters. Clean, airy spaces also set a great vibe for a romantic night out. Music that's mellow and quiet enough to hear over will be a hit.

Create Conversations with Your Menu

People on first or second dates will appreciate the ability to have a conversation about unique items on your menu. It could be something that draws a date in and provides common ground for the start of the date. Hire a food service management services provider to evaluate your menu and highlight the unique ingredients and dishes you offer.

Train Staff to Create Space

In some restaurants, you want waiters who make themselves known to their tables. In a date-night spot, train your service staff to work more behind the scenes, providing an approachable and available but hands-off food service style that doesn't interrupt the connection between daters.

Have Enough Tables

People enjoying your restaurant and their dates may drag out their dinners to be longer than the average table time. So if you really plan to attract a lot of couples, make sure that you have enough seating to keep new orders coming in regularly without having to impose a time limit on your patrons.

All parts of food services impact the final product, and all parts are measurable. These are just a few of the first things to look at when running a successful restaurant that couples will love. Everything from ingredient choice to service staff can be studied and improved with the help of a food service management services consultant. When you're ready to take your restaurant to the next level, enlist the help of a consultant like New Horizon Foods who will provide detailed feedback and advice.


9 May 2017

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