Three Ways To Book Food Trucks For Events


Food trucks have become insanely popular for quick lunches on the go. Smart food truck owners know exactly where to park to make money, too. They are also willing to make extra money at public events. If you are organizing a public event, you could book food trucks to feed the masses. Here are three ways to book food trucks for events:

Make a Public Announcement

When you make a public announcement for the event, you can also place a call to action for food vendors. This gets food truck owners the heads-up that you need to feed the crowds and you have several spots available for them to park their trucks and make money. Leave contact information so that the food truck owners know who to call for an application and information regarding truck spots at the event.

Canvas the Food Trucks You See

Every time you see a hot dog stand, a food truck, or another food vendor on the street, stop and ask the owner if he/she would like to sell food at the event. Chances are, most of them would be very interested in getting in on that deal. If you prepare well in advance, you can leave each food truck or street vendor an information packet and sign-up information.

Post Flyers Near the Places Where Vendors and Food Trucks Sit Daily

If you do not want to bother the food trucks and street vendors, post flyers on the street poles and public announcement boards close to where many of these owners and vendors park their carts and trucks daily. As they close up shop after lunch, after supper, or after bar hours, they will probably notice the signs and take note of the information on the flyers.

Before You Select and Book the Food Trucks/Vendors

Make sure every food truck owner has passed his/her most recent food truck inspections and that he/she has a valid license to sell food. That way, if something goes wrong with food served, you cannot be held liable because you vetted the owners and their trucks. Make sure you know what the trucks serve too, as it will help plan the food options for the event.

Additionally, make sure that you have a wide variety of foods and food trucks. Do not hire several trucks that all serve burgers and hot dogs. Visitors to the event want a variety of food choices. Have Mexican/taco trucks, Vietnamese Pho noodle trucks, Chinese egg roll trucks, Greek gyro trucks, etc. Then everyone will have something tasty to eat while enjoying the event.


11 August 2017

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