Three Fun Ways To Incorporate Waffle Bowls Into Your Catered Meal


If you enjoy the taste and appearance of waffle bowls, you might frequently use them at home. As you sit down with your caterer to discuss the menu for an upcoming event that you're organizing, don't be afraid to advocate for the use of waffle bowls — especially if you're pretty sure that your guests will love them, too. Any creative catering professional can think of a long list of ways to use waffle bowls. If you have some favorite uses, you may want to suggest them, too. This versatile dessert receptacle can be perfect for the following preparations.

Make-Your-Own Sundaes

Ice cream sundaes are always a hit with children, but they're something that older guests will enjoy, too. If you're leaning toward offering a make-your-own sundae station at your catered event, think about offering waffle bowls alongside a selection of ice cream flavors and a wide range of tantalizing toppings. Your guests will love the idea of filling their bowls, eating the ice cream and toppings, and then munching on the bowl. This idea is also good for the environment, as you won't end up having to throw away numerous plastic dessert bowls after use.

Fruit Salad

It's always a good idea to have some healthy dessert options for your guests who may be watching their waistlines. Fruit salad is often a perfect choice for all sorts of catered gatherings, and your caterer can add some colorful and unique fruits to the mix to kick it up a notch. Another way to make the fruit salad stand out is to give your guests the option of enjoying it in a waffle bowl. In addition to looking unique, this serving method tastes good. The sweetness of the fruit will seep into the waffle bowl, making it soft and sweet to eat.


It's possible that you haven't heard about the phenomenon of baking cupcakes in waffle bowls, but this may be something that your caterer brings to your attention. Cupcakes are handy at all sorts of events, especially those that include children. While there's nothing wrong with offering regular cupcakes for dessert, having your caterer bake them in waffle bowls adds some excitement for your guests. The presence of the waffle bowl can also help to make the cupcake easier to eat without a mess, as the crumbling won't be as severe. This may be desirable for events with children, especially when they take place indoors.


27 January 2020

Start Your Day with a Smoothie

At the beginning of every year, I make a promise to myself to eat healthier. One of the meals I struggle with is breakfast. I crave sugar the most during the early morning hours. Therefore, I usually reach for a bowl of sugary cereal or a stack of pancakes slathered in syrup. However, this year, I’m going to try something different. I plan to use my new blender to make some healthy fruit smoothies for breakfast. In addition to fruit, I plan to use Greek yogurt in my smoothies. If you’re searching for a healthy sweet treat in the mornings, consider investing in a high quality blender. On this blog, you will discover how to make different types of fruit smoothies with a blender.