4 Benefits Of Hamburger Moulder Equipment For Restaurants


A hamburger moulder includes multiple meat press options for creating a perfectly round patty with each use. As your kitchen fills up with equipment, you need to pick and choose the best options to keep your restaurant running smoothly. A hamburger moulder provides several benefits for your restaurant, including savings on both time and money.

1. Meat Use

When you cook dozens of hamburgers each day at your restaurant, you want to ensure you are using the meat efficiently and providing customers with consistent results. Hamburger moulder equipment presses an even patty with the same amount of meat each time. You do not have to worry about using too much meat or creating burgers smaller than the bun.

The consistency allows you to budget, plan, and know how much profit you are actually making off each burger. If you waste a lot of meat crafting hand-formed burgers, then you could see profits dwindle over long periods of time.

2. Meal Prep

Not only does a burger moulder allow you to control the amount of meat used, but you can prepare a lot of the patties ahead of time. During the prep hours at your restaurant, a chef can use a moulder to create patties and keep them refrigerated. When someone orders a burger, the cook can easily pull out a patty and cook it.

The prep process saves time and allows customers to get their meals delivered faster.

3. Daily Specials

The unique design of a hamburger moulder allows you to create different recipe options for your restaurant. The diverse options allow you to make separate burgers and press them all at the same time. With the kitchen tool, you can expand a menu to include daily specials. For example, you can feature a spicy burger with jalapenos or a cheese-stuffed burger.

During special events and holidays, you can plan out themed burgers and make them a part of the daily specials.

4. Dietary Restrictions

Not only can you use the moulder to create separate daily specials, but you may rely on the moulder for dietary restrictions. For example, you can dedicate one of the burger presses to make veggie burgers that do not make any contact with meat products. A customer may have specific allergies, and the moulder can help prevent exposure with separate patty creations.

As you plan your menu, you can list the special dietary options and cater to a wider range of customers without the need to make major changes to your prep process.

With the benefits, you can find many ways to utilize hamburger moulder equipment to help improve the way your restaurant operates.


5 November 2020

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