Try These Hawaiian Dishes Today


Hawaiian cuisine has gone overlooked for a long time. In spite of the fact that this cuisine is delicious and full of flavor, many people are not aware of Hawaii's most delicious dishes. If you are looking to try something new, here are some staples you might consider ordering for your next night in.

Spam Musubi

Musubi is one of the most popular dishes associated with Hawaiian fast food. This snack consists of rice and spam wrapped in seaweed. The amount of spam and rice varies from dish to dish.

Kalua Pork

This dish consists of pork butt slowly cooked over a period of several hours. By the time the meat ends up on your plate, it falls apart without a knife. It is smoky and savory, making a great main course for dinner.


Poke is growing more popular. This dish is similar to sushi, featuring chunks of raw fish. The fish is served with rice and vegetables. It also is covered in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and other flavors.


If you're in the mood for soup, something comforting, you might enjoy saimin. This dish includes steamed fish cakes, pork, and ramen. It's warm and soothing after a long day.

Mochiko Chicken

Mochiko chicken is marinated with flour and then deep-fried, much like other American favorites. This chicken is garlicky and crisp, often served with rice. It's crispy and delicious. If you love things like popcorn chicken or popcorn shrimp, this will be a favorite for you.


If you love meat-filled buns, manapua is a great choice for you. These thick buns are full of pork, offering a sweet flavor. These dishes are commonly found on the menu, and they can be served alongside a variety of other dishes.

Loco Moco

Loco moco is a comfort food consisting of rice, a hamburger patty, and fried eggs. It is often smothered in brown gravy. It's a versatile dish you can enjoy for breakfast or dinner.

Pork Hash

Pork hash is served in a dumpling wrap. It consists of shrimp, pork, and veggies steamed. You can enjoy it with mustard and soy sauce.

Order Your Hawaiian Favorites for Delivery

Hawaiian restaurants often offer delivery so that you can order these dishes and try them in the comfort of your own home. Are you ready to try something new? Look for a Hawaiian restaurant delivery service to order one of these delicious dishes. 


13 August 2021

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