What Foods Serve Well At Waterfront Weddings?


When you have a waterfront wedding to help host or you're planning your own wedding and want to know what to serve, it's wise to consider the venue. A waterfront establishment may not be very close to electricity and other amenities, but this doesn't mean you cannot serve delicious foods that can be kept fresh and delicious. It's also wise to consider the style of the venue, which can help enhance the ambiance of the entire event.

What foods serve well at waterfront weddings? Learn more here.

Gourmet salads

A variety of lux and gourmet salads full of color and fresh herbs are delightful to serve at waterfront weddings. They pair well with the most decadent wines and also pair well with other sides. Offer gourmet seafood, fresh garden produce and herbs, or cultural salads to please wedding guests and make waterfront weddings maintain that elegant and simple appeal.


Seafood kept on ice can be served at waterfront weddings to the delight of your guests. Crab legs, oysters, clams, and other seafood offerings can be kept on ice and make for a beautiful display to make the main course offerings that much more decadent for your guests. Those who do not eat seafood can enjoy seaweed crisps and rice to help make the offerings very diversified.

Fresh fruit

When offering fresh fruit at waterfront weddings, you create a colorful display that guests can enjoy and snack on as part of the experience. You can place exotic fruits like mango, dragon fruit, and other fruits on a tray to complement the seafood, fresh salads, and other food offerings you have. Wine and other alcoholic beverages can be served with fresh fruit.

Charcuterie board

A charcuterie board serving exotic cheeses, olives, and fruit (including the above-mentioned fruit) can be a great addition to waterfront weddings. A charcuterie board complements any other offering, including seafood, and makes for a lighter fare that can be kept under glass or put on an open display as a main centerpiece for guests to enjoy.

All of these suggestions are not only doable, but they can also be utilized anywhere you have a table, a tray, and a plethora of ice to keep things cool. These dishes are cool and refreshing and are not meant to be kept warm, so guests can have a refreshing experience no matter what the temperatures are during the wedding itself. They can also be paired with other main course meals as well if you wish.

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6 June 2023

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